My name is Olayinka Pereira. I am a Lover of Christ. I studied Business Administration at Reedemer's University. And I have an MBA from the Dublin Business School.

The idea behind the business was birthed during my stay in Dublin. Prior to my stay in Dublin, I was running a souvenir business which was on and off during my absence. I always wanted to have my own brand, make my own souvenirs, something from the usual.

In Dublin, I was not permitted to run or own a business based on my student visa. My kind of person all I wanted was to do business. During the end of my program in Dublin, I started to think of what to do, get a job to stay in Dublin, travel to another country, but returning to Nigeria was not part of the plan.

It was a dark phase for me, contemplating on what decision to make. In Dublin, I had an encounter with God which changed me entirely. One of the best things that happened to me in life was knowing God by myself. It was during this period of my life that I cultivated the habit of scribbling declarations, Bible verses, and motivational words on a sticky note and sticking them all over my room. I also kept a gratitude journal which I write out things I am thankful to God for daily.

During this dark phase, while I was just exhausted with the whole situation, I cried into God that faithful day, and that was how the idea was established. “Olayinka why not make frames with positive wordings, declarations, Bible verses encouraging people and reminding them of the blessings and promises of God upon their lives whenever they look at the frames. You do not want regular souvenirs you have always wanted something different and this is it. This will also be your own little way of impacting lives.

Olayinka Pereira

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